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Welcome join us

We are a group of practitioners with dreams. We are young and passionate. There are no weak people here, only the warriors who have fought in battles. Here we have no bureaucratic dogmatism; here we refuse to be mediocre. Here, you can be fantasy, but you can't have high aims but low abilities. We need good individuals and  a first-class team. If you don't have passion with your current job, come and talk to us. 



Position Vacant:


1、Able to independently develop customers, understand foreign trade process, give customers timely answers of the specifications and quality of the products.

2、Have the ability to adapt to any changing situation, deal with the customer's questions, try to get the order, and finally sign the contract. 

3、Production process should be followed up in time. Should do inspection and make sure quality of goods. Be able to make a complete set of documents independently, contact the forwarder independently and send the goods to the warehouse safely;

4、Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, CET-4 or above, able to communicate with foreign customers smoothly. 

5、Can work under certain pressure, with strong business negotiation skills and communication skills, strong adaptability. Be extroverted, honest, diligent, work hard, earnestly and conscientiously. With strong sense of responsibility;



Major in international trade or business English, with college degree or above.


1、Responsible for the design, development and sample making. And meet the requirements of product specifications.

2、Responsible for technical service and improvement for the products that have been finalized.

3、Report products design status to superior in time.

4、Do line analysis, test and report arrangement.

5、Fully responsible for the engineering department, ensure the normal operation of the engineering department, meet the demand of samples and ensure the quality of products.


College degree or above, major in electronic technology and application, or other related major. At least one year working experience in earphone and wireless earphone R&D. Proficient in Bluetooth technology, experience in Bluetooth headset and speaker development is preferred.


1、Responsible for the design and sampling of the product appearance, package, catalogue, poster and so on. 

2、Responsible for the design, production and innovation of the company's daily publicity materials, and the layout of the booth of exhibitions.

3、Grasp of the company's website style, color collocation, layout rationality, and picture arrangement and so on.

4、Communicate with partners to ensure the quality and time of all kinds of projects, and acceptance check successfully.

5、Use industry background and knowledge to effectively control cost in design and production.

 6、Assist sales staff to modify product appearance and packaging according to customer requirements.

7、Constantly improve the design level to meet the company's growing requirements



College graduate or above, major in art design or related field. Honest and upright, with good professional spirit and sense of responsibility. Strong sensitivity, with quick thinking and creativity. Able to express design ideas, with independent design ability, proficient in PS, AI, CDR, DW and other design software. 



1、Use some relevant platforms, responsible for the company's domestic trade business development, reply customer inquiries.

2、According to allocated sales area, strive for orders, consolidate the relationship with old customers, develop new customers, make plans and implement plans according to sales targets. 

3、Responsible for sample application, collection and distribution, customer reception and other sales support work

4、Follow up the production progress of the orders, check whether the production products meet the requirements of customers, and arrange the delivery of goods on time.

5、Responsible for recording of payments, checking account and payment collection; sign, fulfill and manage sales contract, and deal with all kinds of market problems.

6、Manage customers’ complaints or return processing and feedback the results to company or customers. 

7、Collect and search customer information, building a profile for each customer. 

8、Fill out relevant sales forms and submit sales analysis and summary reports

9、Complete other tasks assigned by superior.


College degree or above in economics, trade or related field. Honest and upright, with good professional spirit and sense of responsibility. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit. Familiar with business process; professional knowledge in trade field. Strong customer development ability.


1、Responsible for the overall operation of our online store. Responsible for the overall planning, marketing, promotion and analysis of the store, improve the click rate, page view and conversion rate of the store, and achieve the company's target sales. 

2、Sale/after-sales service based on trading rules of different websites

3、 Good sense of service and teamwork, honest and patient.

4、 Response quickly, good language skills and communication skills

5、With keen insight and good judgment, understand customers' psychological needs and master communication skills as quickly as possible, understand customers' psychology, and choose products suitable for store sales. 

6、Responsible for detailed recording of sales problems, customer requirements, complaints and suggestions, and other problems on the website. 

7、Responsible for daily revision planning, shelves, promotion, sales, and other daily operations of on-line store.

8、Analyze the data of competing brands, stores, products and activities, and adjust the operation strategy and main direction through analysis. 

9、Manage the whole store so that it can operate in a healthy state, and increase its performance to achieve the turnover and profit targets.

10 、Weekly report summarizes traffic, sales and customer service.


College degree or above, major in e-commerce or related field. Honest and honest, with good professional spirit and sense of responsibility. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit. Familiar with e-commerce business process and professional knowledge in e-commerce field. Familiar with e-commerce operation process, strong customer development ability. 


1、Design and develop TWS earphone、headphone and sound product,at began of project ID feasibility assessment and complete headphone stacking design 

2、Responsible for product structure design,Prototype production, mold development,proofing confirmation of purchased parts, engineering prototype assembly/testing, product maintenance and update, and technical support for production engineering

3、Follow up the trial production process and mass production introduction of the whole machine,responsible for analyzing the structure and assembly of defective products in the trial production stage, and providing solutions, sorting out structural design modification data and mold modification data.

4、Responsible for the preparation of product BOM, structural drawings and technical data




1、Have good learning ability and solid professional knowledge

2、Proficient in using PRO-E or UG, CAD and other software, have strong hands-on ability

3、Have analytical ability and problem-solving ability, sunny and cheerful, preferably in the electronic product industry


Kind remind:

1 、Candidates can book an interview by phone or email.

2 、If you want to make an appointment by email, please send your resume to our email address with detailed information so that we can know more about you.

3 、Please indicate your name and position you are applying in the email to avoid confusion.

4、 If no reply is received within 1-2 weeks after the resume is provided, the current round of recruitment may end. If necessary, you can wait for the next round of recruitment.